Mayra Berardo, NP

University of New York

Mayra Berardo is a Nurse Practitioner specializing in the field of Women's Health.

She completed her bachelor's degree at the University of New York at Stonybrook. She worked as a nurse in the department of Maternal Fetal Medicine at Good Samaritan Hospital prior to Graduating with honors from Long Island University in 2014.

Mayra has many years of diverse experience in the fields of obstetrics and gynecology. Mayra sees patients who have divese needs including contraception, infections, and menopausal symptoms, among others. She is known for going the extra mile for her patients. Mayra is bilingual and is actively involved in her community and is committed to establishing long term relationships with her patients.


Kayla Rowland, NP

Columbia University in New York

Kayla Rowland is a nurse practitioner who specializes in Women’s Health. Kayla graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Molloy College on Long Island, before completing her Master of Science degree in Nursing at Columbia University in New York, NY. Kayla is local to the south shore of Suffolk County.

Patients see Kayla for a variety of reasons, including annual pap smears, vaginal discharge, contraception, menopausal management, infections, and dyspareunia. She is known for her kindness, empathy, and efficiency. Individual patients have different needs, and Kayla’s goal is to care for each person in a unique and personalized fashion., to enhance their general well-being and reproductive health.


Cynthia Hendrickson, RN, BSN

St. Joseph's College

Cynthia Hendrickson is our practice administrator and is also a part of the clinical RN staff at Islip OB-GYN. Cynthia manages the overall clinical and administrative needs within the office. Prior to joining Islip OB-GYN, Cynthia had a career in personal training, as well as varied positions in many aspects of nursing. Cynthia's associate degree was from Nassau Community College. This was followed by a Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing from St. Joseph's College.

During her early career, Cynthia worked in the outpatient setting for Matria Health, performing fetal testing and clinical surveillance throughout the New York Metropolitan area. Cynthia has had extensive clinical experience working in the labor and delivery units at New Island Hospital in Bethpage, as well as being a charge nurse at Nassau University Medical Center. Prior to joining Islip OB-GYN, Cynthia was helping to manage the very busy labor and delivery unit at Southside Hospital.

Along with her administrative duties, Cynthia is foremost in charge of all in-office surgeries. We perform a variety of in-office surgery, for both medical and cosmetic needs. Cynthia developed the pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative protocols that enable a very positive patient experience. During the course of the day, Cynthia also helps triage all medical calls and concerns as well as helping to perform an extensive amount of antepartum fetal testing.

Coordination of care is also vital to an OB-GYN practice. Another role served by Cynthia is to help coordinate care among other specialties, when the need arises. Having an RN in that role helps to facilitate the care that is needed, in a very timely manner.


Jaclyn Lamonica, RN, MSN

St. Joseph's College

Jaclyn Lamonica is a part of the RN staff at Islip OB-GYN. Jaclyn always has had a love for nursing, obtaining her associate degree in nursing from Farmingdale State College, where she also played collegiate softball. Jaclyn furthered her education with a Bachelor of Science Degree from St. Joseph's College.

After working in the labor and delivery unit at Southside Hospital, Jaclyn obtained a Master of Science Degree in nursing education. Jaclyn's educational skills enable her to teach others extremely well. She is an adjunct professor at Farmingdale State College on a part-time basis, where she teaches nursing students in obstetrics and pediatrics, in their clinical rotations.

Jaclyn is foremost in leading the educational teaching for our patients. Obstetric patients meet with Jaclyn at least four times during their prenatal period. These appointments are for prenatal risk evaluations and educational needs. The appointments prepare excited mothers-to-be for pregnancy, labor and delivery, as well as for their postpartum period. General medical triage and antepartum fetal testing are also a part of Jaclyn's duties, helping to ensure optimum care to all of our patients.

Monthly childbirth classes are also a part of Jaclyn's responsibilities, as she helps to prepare our patients for their little miracles who are on the way. All patients have the opportunity to meet with Jaclyn and become educated in lifestyle changes as we promote healthy choices for everyone. Islip OB-GYN gives Jaclyn the opportunity to care for and educate patients, which is her passion.


Regina Rykert, RN

Chamberlain College of Nursing

Regina Rykert is an integral part of the RN staff here at Islip Ob-Gyn. Regina’s nursing career began at St. Vincent’s Hospital where she obtained her associates degree, becoming a registered nurse. Regina furthered her education and received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Chamberlain College of Nursing.

After getting her initial education and training at St. Vincent’s, Regina moved to NYU where she spent a considerable amount of time on the high risk obstetrical unit. Her time was spent within labor and delivery as well as on their antepartum service under the direction of the NYU maternal fetal medicine specialists. Regina furthered her duties at NYU by also working in the postpartum and newborn nursery units.

Later in her career, Regina worked at NorthShore LIJ Manhasset. While at NorthShore Regina worked as a staff nurse within their very busy labor and delivery unit. Her duties there included the care of normal as well as critically ill obstetrical patients. Regina’s career later moved to Southside Hospital, now known as South Shore University Hospital. While at South Shore, Regina has worked within labor and delivery as well as on the antepartum unit. While working on the antepartum unit Regina was under the guidance of the maternal fetal medicine specialists where she performed all phases of antepartum testing. Regina has cared for a vast number of complicated pregnancies.

At Islip Ob-Gyn Regina helps lead the educational teaching for our patients. Our obstetrical patients meet with Regina during their prenatal period for risk evaluations and health education. These appointments are designed to prepare our patients for their delivery experience. Regina helps with all phases of antepartum testing within our office as well as postpartum care. Triage of gynecologic and obstetrical problems are also a role that Regina takes in our office. Regina also helps to facilitate referrals to outside specialists as directed by our physicians. Islip Ob-Gyn allows Regina to continue her passion for patient care, in an office setting.